Realization of Faith and Mysticism in The Skies

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Welcome to the website of WingNotes de Guitaura. This site is dedicated to the book "Spirituality, Racism, and the Phantom," by J.T. Hollin, Jr. You can order the book here, and check out reviews from other readers.

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J.T. Hollin, Jr. has had a long and fulfilling career as a military pilot, commercial pilot and experienced patent attorney. His experiences converge in entirely unique and unexpected ways, giving him an invigorating perspective on what it means to be a person of faith. On this site, he and other contributors will share views on a variety of subjects ranging from spirituality, music, meditation, and human creativity.

Explore the site now to to explore the insights of persons, who have lived throughout time, on subjects that may uplift you.


Ascend into musings on philosophy, leadership and faith

Many topics touched in the book revolve around perspectives which relate flying to human behavior and cultural expectations. On this site, you can find:

  • Thoughts on the spirituality of flying and life in general
  • Commentary on music and its importance to society
  • Accounts of both benevolent and vicious use of aviation
  • First-hand accounts of encountering perilous inflight situations both in small airplanes and heavyweight jet aircraft
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