Spirituality, Racism and the Phantom: TRANQUIL SKIES; THE MYSTIQUE OF FLIGHT

What Has Mankind Learned From the Experiences of Flight?

Delve into the main concepts of the book

Since man first took the sky, we've used flight for both wondrous and destructive acts. We use aircraft to ship essential supplies to desperate communities, and to rescue severely injured or wounded persons. But we also use them to drop bombs and napalm upon people around the world and in this country. In his book "Spirituality, Racism and the Phantom," J.T. Hollin, Jr. discusses civilization's relationship with flight. He explains how the skies have been used for the benefit or deterioration of mankind. The author narrates various eye-opening events from his career that illustrate this theme.

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Cultural norms and racial stigmas evoked personal conflicts within the author. Having experienced these facets of American life, over the years, the author developed an overriding sense of the unity of life, and innate spiritual beliefs. He tries to find spirituality in every part of life. That's why he regards flying as a combined physical, mental and spiritual manifestation. You can deepen your own spirituality by understanding his unique view.

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